Southern Roots LOC has been up and running since August 2018. James Merritt from Southeast Missouri has been the driving force making the company what it is today. Before James Founded Southern Roots LOC, he took charge in learning the ins and outs of working from home on the Arise Platform becoming an agent himself. James took an entry job under a different company (now our competitor) to take on the task of going through as many clients as he could for 2 years amassing experiences of 17 of the 60+ clients on the Arise Platform. By doing so, he has accustomed himself with top performing companies best suited to give you the best opportunity to succeed and find your best Work Life Balance.


James doesn’t put himself above others. With a GED and motivation, James enlisted into the Missouri Army National Guard as a military Police Officer finding that he loved taking up the chance to provide support to others. He re-enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and found his passion as a personal administrator. When he left the active military lifestyle, James sought after customer service jobs. He found his passion in taking care of others and finding solutions for hard situations.


 Like anyone else in America, James worked many different jobs from manual labor, trucking, warehouse, retail, and fast food. Any job he could be hired for he jumped at the chance for new experiences. With this drive, he sees the missed potential and opportunities for everyone. Discovering the Arise Platform for himself, he saw a missed opportunity for those who put in the effort and overlooked for jobs. James has many life experiences from living with a mother in Government housing to seeing her struggle to find work and keep the house going once they could afford one. Without an education, she always pushed forward and this has instilled into him a motivation he has adapted it to his everyday life.


“Move Forward Always”



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R. Patrick
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Amazing IBO!!!


My IBO is the best, for he helps in any and every way possible. It doesn't matter what time of day he gets back to me if I have questions and need help with anything. Always on top of everything and understanding. You just cannot ask for a better IBO to work under than this wonderful and caring person that helps others and makes time for them. I can not express the change he has made in my life in being able to live my dream of working from home. I appreciate my IBO very much. The support you give I am so grateful for. Thankful everyday for my IBO!!!


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